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Logistics and transport, the sector that expects the highest turnover in 2023

What are the general forecasts for Spanish companies and how are they going to approach IT spending, both in technology and personnel? The ‘IT budget report 2022 and estimate 2023’ conducted by LiceoTIC Training addresses what the scenario will be in the coming year.

The study shows a growth in the main cost parameters of the IT department (expenditure, investment and number of people), which accompanies a positive overall forecast of companies to increase turnover by 2023. Thus, the higher growth in IT costs relative to business turnover can be explained by a greater need for spending and investment in cybersecurity, but above all by the expectation that IT will offer solutions that allow companies to improve their margins, especially given the high inflation environment.

The budgets reflect that the greatest activity of the departments will be in Cybersecurity, Cloud and above all application development (evolutionary + incidental + regulatory).

Companies expect to increase their turnover by more than 5%.
The general forecasts of Spanish companies are positive. Thus, according to data from the LiceoTIC Training report, companies expect overall turnover to grow by more than 5% in 2023. However, they are not as positive as the previous year, when companies had a forecast of 12%. In terms of IT spending and investment, the analysis shows that IT investment will grow by more than 7% (5 points lower than last year) and spending by 15% (6 points higher than last year). Thus, for every €100 of turnover, an investment of €1.61 is expected in IT in 2023, compared to €1.57 in 2022.

Logistics and transport, the sector that expects to have the highest turnover
By sector, and, as in the previous year’s study, logistics and transport is the sector that expects to increase its turnover the most, up to 24.9%. However, this figure is lower than last year’s forecast, when it was 26.6%. The sector in second place in terms of turnover forecast is the energy sector, which expects to increase its turnover by 15%. Last year, this sector had the lowest turnover increase forecast. However, in this year’s analysis, the sector with the lowest forecast is services, with 5.6%. In third place is distribution, with 11.8%.

In terms of IT investment, the sector that will invest the most in this area is the logistics sector, with an increase of 15.3%. It is followed by the energy sector with 13.3% and distribution with 11.3%.

Logistics and transport, the sector that is going to increase its workforce the most
The study carried out by LiceoTIC Training reveals that companies expect to increase their workforce by 1.5%. The logistics and transport sector is the sector that expects to increase its team the most, up to 9.8%, followed by the energy sector, which expects to increase the number of employees by 4%. As for the number of employees in the IT sector, companies expect to grow by 6.4%. This is higher than last year’s figure of 4.8%. The sector that is going to invest the most in IT professionals in 2023 is distribution and retail (12%).

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